Room of the Week - Mun


If you are looking for an interior designer, Mun is your lady. Each room in he multi-room apartment offers a different theme, and all of them very well designed. Take, for example, what seems to be the spa room. She does not like to hold back, it seems, as the spa room contains several jacuzzis  and plasma t.v. The other rooms, such as the living room, also contains high quality furniture that only enhances the beauty of the designs.

She was featured in the 97th issue of The Journal

5 Responses to “Room of the Week - Mun”

  1. flaire says:

    really cool ^_^

  2. PrincessVic says:

    Nice Swimming Pool !LOL!

  3. john wayne ™ says:

    Lol finaly :D

  4. Nimzi says:

    L0LZ NYCE =D

  5. Samiria says:

    Wow! I love the beautiful swimming pool and the house! Nice chairs too! I loved your singing on Sociotown Idol! If only I had a room like that! :D

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