Rescheduling of The PR Giveaway

For those of you who were looking forward to the PR giveaway that was to occur last Wednesday, we are sorry to have to delay the giveaway! It will resume this upcoming Wednesday and will continue to be open for one week, when we close any further admittance.

For those who do not know what we are talking about, here’s a recap of what was told in last week’s journal:

Want to be a PR?

Well, do you?! If you happen to answer “yes!”, we will be doing another facebook ‘One-Month PR Giveaway’ this upcoming Wednesday.

Like previous times, all you have to do to enter in this random-draw giveaway is to “like” the status that announces said giveaway.

You’ll have a week to enter into the drawing, and we will announce the winner on our facebook page. Have fun, and good luck!

5 Responses to “Rescheduling of The PR Giveaway”

  1. ayanabrar says:

    Cool i want it!

  2. subina says:

    I want it!!

  3. hotmaria says:

    Everyone wants it its not surprising. P.S I WANT IT

  4. mary50000 says:

    i want to be a pr so i hope that maybe someone will win

  5. mary50000 says:

    i want it too lol XD

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