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New trailer for Bugman Returns

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Johnwayne has released a new trailer for his new SocioTown fanvid, Bugman Returns! With the help of some ST friends, Johnwayne’s super hero trailer shows you Bugman’s battles for the safety of ST residents and the importance of hope. It has loads of incredible fight scenes, thrilling struggles, and story development with the rest of the cast that will pull your heartstrings!

I got to talk to Johnwayne about Bugman Returns. Know more of the video, the creator, and what you can expect of this adventurous and dashing super hero!


Behind The Keyboard: Mayawayne!

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

mayawayneIt’s been a while since we had an interview for BTK!

This time we have Mayawayne, a seemingly new player but she has actually played SocioTown for 3-4 years already!

I wasn’t exactly prepared for this interview, so we just chatted about her SocioTown life and experiences. We even had a picture taken together at the end!

English isn’t her first language, but through SocioTown she has improved her English and gained a lot of friends. Sounds great, right? Check her interview below to know more about her. :)


Behind the Keyboard: Ningning

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

ningningHey, hey, hey! How are ya, Socians?

It’s been a while since our last BTK blog post. This time, we have Ningning, a long time SocioTown player, a game guide, and a cool mother of two kids!

You read that right, folks: SocioTown isn’t just for the kiddies. Of course it’s also for the young at heart. Any age, if you enjoy SocioTown, is welcome. And isn’t a momma gamer so cool?!

With Ningning’s motherly care and instincts, she looks over SocioTown like a mama bear. But she can also be strict whenever she deals with mischievous gamers — watch out!

Let’s know more about this mommy gamer, shall we? Without further ado, here’s Ningning, our super-awesome-Socian-gamer mommy! Click the link below to read the full interview. Enjoy! :D


Behind The Keyboard: Midgit

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


Howdy, y’all!

It’s been a while since our last Behind The Keyboard. For this edition of BTK, we have Midgit!

In this interview, this sociable Socian from the UK shares his hobbies, his dislike for rain, and his Coin Catchers experience (if you’ve read our recent SocioTown Journal, you’ll know who he’s talking about ;) ).

It took a while for our interview to conclude, but we wrapped it up pretty good and his BTK feature is finally here. It was quite a fun interview, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about him and his experiences. :)

Without further ado, here’s Midgit! Get to know more of him under the cut.


Behind the Keyboard Revival: Sumayyah

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


Our first guest for the revival of Behind the Keyboard is none other than Sumayyah!

Because of different time zones, we had a bit of trouble setting our meeting. But in the end, the interview is finally here.

Sumayyah has been a Socian for more than two years now. She loves to shop, so I usually get to talk to her in Set List blog posts. She’s a regular customer, placing orders week after week, whether it’s a piece of furniture or a new skirt. She’s also very active in SocioTown’s FB page and in the game’s contests.

Let’s know more of this very active Socian, shall we? Here’s Sumayyah! :)


Revival of Behind The Keyboard?

Monday, September 10th, 2012


Some of you might remember a blog feature here that is called Behind The Keyboard by senior guide Nadia. Basically, it’s a series of blog post that features certain Socians. With its interview format, you’ll be able to know more of your favorite Socian. Of course, the information given is limited and won’t get too personal. But it was a fun way to know a certain Socian’s likes and dislikes.

If you want a revival of Behind The Keyboard, who would you want to see get interviewed? Share below your thoughts, ideas to improve it, and Socians you want to be featured. Who knows, you’ll find a new best friend? ;)

If you want to know more about Behind The Keyboard, you can check the blog categories found at the right side of the blog. Click it and you’ll be able to see past interviews by Nadia. :)

Behind the Keyboard - C0RY

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

c0ryN = Hi, where do you live?

C = Indiana, USA

N = How old are you?

C = 13 years old.

N = How do you like your school so far?

C = Well, it’s ok, but everyday we got lots of homework and tons of dramas like school fights, best friends breaking up, and boyfriend-girlfriend’s problems.

N = And which drama are you in?

C = The “boyfriend-girlfriend” drama. The problem has been solved a week ago. We’re back together.

N = How did the relationship happen?

C = I know her from school. She lives a few blocks away from me. Near but kind of far too. And we’ve got together somewhere at the ending of last school year. We’ve been dating for 5-6 months now.

N = What are your favorite subject at school?

C = Reading, P.E (Physical Education), and Science

N = What books do you read?

C = Diary of a Whimpy Kid. All 4 books of them. I like to read funny stuff. I’m not much of a book lover. Instead, I like to play basketball. I’m on the school’s basketball team.

N =  What is your position?

C = Shooting Guard. I want to be a Point Guard though. I think this position is the most famous. Well.. for me it is. I’ve been practicing after school at my friend’s Michael. He is also on the team. He plays as Center. We play with our other teammate.

N = Who is your favorite NBA player?

C = I have several. I like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Derrick Rose. My most favorite out of those 3 would be Derrick Rose. He did good in the NBA play-offs.  I would also want to say Michael Jordan, but that’s too common.

N = Have you seen LeBron James lost on shoot-out with a busboy Ricardo Reyes on Jimmy Kimmel’s show? (reff : )** Cory hasn’t seen it, so he watch it first **

C = hehe… he beat him badly! I though it was like on a full court. But the busboy did good :)  I’ve seen LeBron got beaten in a game of horse against David Kalb. (H-O-R-S-E game is a shoot-out show down where the 2nd player has to duplicate the 1st player his/her style of shooting from anywhere in the court.)

N = What do you think of LeBron’s losses?

C = I think it is very embarrasing and disappointing to lose to nobodys; however, he is still a good NBA player.

N = How is Michael Jordan became your favorite player, he was before your time?

C = hmm…yes, but I have seen lots and lots of his video clips. And he made crazy slam dunks. He has his own shoes. Everytime I went to Footlocker, I have to get his.  They are very expensive though, like $80-$150. And my birthday is coming up, in October 10th.

N = Most NBA players have their own shoes already.

C = Yes, but he has the most.

N = Michael Jordan sponsors clothing called Hanes too. And you can buy them Target.

C = I only wears his shoes. I haven’t seen his clothes. Besides, I couldn’t wear it to school. Cause we have to wear uniform.

N = How did you find SocioTown?

C = When I was 12 or 11 years old, I was searching for online game at, and SocioTown was in their multiplayer’s list.  My first account was NICK540. I quit SocioTown for awhile, until this year I came back and decided to start fresh with a new account, C0RY

N = Is boxing your most favorite activity in SocioTown?

C = Yes my favorite. I find it very fun. You can see how far you can get in KO’s and rank yourself-up with legacy point, but the highest level is legend. It is always fun to fight with people who are better than you.Rodriquez taught me how to do boxing. He is very good. Because of him, I gets better.But in real life, I suck at boxing

N =  What activities do you do?

C = Basketball for sure. I play XBox. I collects skateboards. Though I only have 4 right now.  I am trying to learn how to skate like Tony Hawk, the legendary. I’m not really good in skating yet, I’m still a rookie, but I can skate in flat board and I can do ollie. That is when you jump with the skateboard while you are riding it.I like to play competitive online games on XBox. I plays ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ and put my $100 to start the game to win more money. So far, with my winning money, I have bought myself 2 clothes.

N = From where did you get your $100?

C = My allowance.

N = Your parents okay with you spending it on that game?

C = Yup. Well, actually… my dad doesn’t care, and my mom doesn’t know much about games, so she lets me. But I did tell them.

So, I guess we will be seeing you as a PR even longer with your winning money from XBox game then?

Behind the Keyboard

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

interview_18If anybody wondering who is Maraa, you won’t have to look hard to find her. When you see a girl with a “zzZzzZ” smoking from her head in the middle of the park, you obviously have found her!

Nadia = Hi Maraa, where do you live?

Maraa = I live in the UK.

N = Are you in school or already work?

M = Yes, I’m in school. In 10th grade.

N = What is your favorite subject at school?

M = My favourite subject in school is art, but I also like French.

N = What kind of art?

M = Any type. But at the moment, at school, I’m doing cubism art with instruments. Cubism was the first abstract art style of modern art. In cubist artworks, objects are broken up, analyzed, and re-assembled in an abstracted form. Any instruments would do, but I mostly use, a guitar, piano, flute and a drum. They are easy to draw.

N = What kind of other art have you done?

M = I haven’t done any other art yet. But after I’m done with this, I will get to choose my own topic. Though I haven’t decided yet. We are given options to choose from.

N = I know that you are in your sophmore year, but have you think of what school you are going for?

M = After I finished school, I’m going to 6th form for 2 years. Which I think I will go to the same school. And after that I’ll be going to the University where my sisters’ go to.

N = What is your future plan?

M = Well my parents want me to become a doctor. So I think I’ll just work hard to become one.

N = What kind of doctor?

M = Not sure yet. Doctor of medicine, I think.

N = Are you into biology and science?

M = Only science, I don’t really like it. But since I want to become a doctor, I have to like it lol..

N = Are your parents doctors themselves?

M = Nope. My mum always wanted to be one, but for some reason she couldn’t, so she wants me to be one.

N = How many siblings do you have?

M = I have a twin sister (twinklee), and 2 older sisters. So it’s four of us. Even though Twinklee is my twin sister, we don’t look anything alike, we’re non-identical.

N = Does your parents want Twinklee to be a doctor too?

M = Nope. She has no interest in Science whereas I had a little.

N = If you have interests in science just a bit, would it be hard to get into?

M = Yeah it will be hard.  That’s why I’m going to work very hard in Science. And one day I’ll be very into it!

N = Are you fluent in French?

M = Nope. Not fluent. I just started learning a year ago. But it’s quite easy so maybe I might be speaking fluently soon.

N = When you’re studying medicine, would you be learning latin also?

M = Lol…….. Nope that will be too hard!

N = How did you find SocioTown?

M = My sister, Twinklee, found it when she was searching for virtual games.

N = What do you like to do in SocioTown?

M = I like to sleep-in and catch bugs! :p

LOL.. I think this sleeping “disease” is contagious to Jacky!

Behind the Keyboard - PrincessVictoria

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

interview_17Nadia = Where do you live?

PrincessVictoria = Canada, Ontario.

N = Are you in high school or middle school?

P = Middle school.

N = What can you tell me about your school?

P = It’s cool, you get computer lab and sometimes get to do free stuff on the computer. The school also has a huge field. A very nice school.

N = What kind of “free stuff” are you talking about?

P = At the computer lab, sometimes, when we are done with our school work assignment, the teacher let us go online playing games and I usually plays Multiplayer games.

N = Do you play Sociotown at school too?

P = Not really, I play online games that I could play by myself. But I had play SocioTown at school.

N = What is your favorite subject?

P = Art. My class got an assignment to go over all the school subject. We had to go to all of the classrooms and rate them. And I got “Art” as my highest rate.

N = What kind of art?

P = I like Sketching, Cutting, and Pasting.

N = What kind of sketching have you done?

P = A picture drawing of me. I’m very good at drawing even though I haven’t taking that class that long. People say I’m the best picture drawer in the class.

N = Do you have any of your drawing posted online? on Facebook maybe?

P = Nope. I don’t really want to post things of mine what I did.

N = What are your hobbies?

P = Watching TV, play on the computer, drawing, and riding my bike.

N = What kind of tv shows do you watch?

P = I love SpongeBob SquarePants and Family Guy. They are very great TV shows.

N = How did you know SocioTown?

P = Well, when I downloaded a game called “Pizza Frenzy”, a website of poped-out and I saw SocioTown on its list under multiplayer games. So I started to play it and it has been amazing. The thing I like about SocioTown is the events at the event dome.

N = Which event do you like most?

P = The Treasure Hunt because you can earn money just for earning treasures.

N = Do you have siblings?

P = Yes. I have a brother (Razorbladz) and a sister (Flaura101). My sister stole her username from some girl. lol. You might haven’t seen her, cause she doesn’t play.

N = What stuff do you usually do with your siblings together?

P = I play with my sister and at night, we pretends to do slumber party. With my brother… I don’t really do much.

N = How come?

P = Well, he’s annoying. That’s why. He’s fights all the time. He blames things that I didn’t do on me. Of course, I told the truth that he did it.

N = Do you have any house job from your parents?

P = Sometimes to dust and clean after 1 or 2 days.

N = Do you like your city? Ontario?

P = Yes! We have a very nice CN tower and CNE Canadas wonderland. (note: CNE = Canadian National Exhibition)

N = What kind of exhibit?

P = It’s very fun. It’s a very big park with lots of games and you can earn toys. You can go on rides too. My family goes there every year. Very fun to watch.

N = Are you talking about a carnival?

P = Yes.  Every school gets a free pass at the end of the year to celebrate it.

N = Do you speak other languages than English?

P = A little bit of Italian, and a little bit of French. My parents have Italian’s background.

Benvenuti a SocioTown, Princess Victoria!

Behind the Keyboard - Elieit

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

interview_17Nadia = How did you found SocioTown?

Elieit = By Google. I wanted to search some sites and SocioTown’s name popped up and my brother, KobeJuwan, told me about it.

N = So your brother already played SocioTown when you went on search mode?

E = Yes, I wasn’t really sure about playing the game but he told me of interesting facts about SocioTown.

N = What facts did he tell you?

E = There’s bug catching, you can ride a scooter, you can go on a boat ride, and many more.

N = How many brothers and sisters do you have?

E = I have 1 brother, KobeJuwan, and 1 sister. My sister used to play SocioTown, but not anymore. You see… she stole someone’s name and got-in a bit of trouble.So she decided to quit completely.

N = What kind of things do you and your siblings usually do together?

E = We love to watch horror movies like “Goosebumps: A Night In Terror Tower” during the days. (My sister almost freaked out when the horror scene came) And go to our aunt’s house to see our cousins.

N = What is “Elieit” means?

E = Well… I like the name “elie” off a socian name, so I decided to add the “it” part.

N = How old are you?

E = 14.

N = What are your favorite subject at school?

E = I like my art class. Sculpture. I like to go deep in making sculptures, but we usually use clay at my school.

N = What kind of clay sculpture have you done?

E = Hehe… I tried to do make a mini sculpture on the double oval but it turned out to be mushy and I had had clay on my fingers for weeks. I still have a lot to learn.

N = What kind of sculpture do you like?

E = Roman Sculpture art is my favorite. I like this sculpture called “The Dying Gaul” (note: originally named “Dying Gladiator” by Attalus I of Pergamon) because it shows its beauty. It is a very rare Roman art that was made in the late 3rd century and considered the oldest sculpture in the Roman museums.

N = The statue looks like it’s in agony though. What makes it a beauty to you?

E = It shows sadness but inside the statue’s heart is love jealousy for what someone has. But, I, on the other hand, think that the statue is not happy, but its beauty was shown. But its agony was shown more than its beauty.

N = What are your hobbies?

E = I like to draw and ride my bike around the parking lot.

N = What kind of drawings have you done?

E = When I was in 2nd grade I drew a Venus Flytrap it ate a fly in the pond. I won 3rd place.

N = What are your favorite foods?

E = I like to eat hot dogs and I also love fried rice and fried chicken.

N = What are your most favorite movie of all time?

E = The most favorite is “Michael Jackson: This Is It”. When I watched his songs, it touches my heart.

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