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SocioTown Uninvited Guests Walkthrough


Main Characters
--- Toby
--- Veronica
Notable Uninvited Characters

--- Zack
--- Janice
--- Phil
--- Edwierd
--- Stacy
--- Shaggy
--- Nate
--- Jake
--- Lance
--- Theodore
--- Gilbert
--- Patricia
--- Cindy
--- Walter
--- Burgerman
--- Hugo

--- Main Living Room
--- Second Hallway
--- Guest Bedroom 1
--- Guest Bedroom 2
--- First Hallway
--- Bathroom
--- Game Room
--- Guest Bedroom 3
--- Kitchen
--- Master Bedroom
--- Master Bathroom
Puzzle Walkthroughs

--- Puzzle #1 - Zack on Laptop
--- Puzzle #2 - Phil and Janice
--- Puzzle #3 - Get Rid of Edwierd
--- Puzzle #4 - Help Stacy
--- Puzzle #5 - Sounds of Shaggy
--- Puzzle #6 - Pool Table Guys
--- Puzzle #7 - BlockHeads Retro Challenge
--- Puzzle #8 - Using Camera
--- Puzzle #9 - Burger Despot Employee
--- Puzzle #10 - High Maintenance
--- Puzzle #11 - Use Toilet Paper
--- Puzzle #12 - Hugo the Giant
Common Questions

--- Where is the toilet paper?
--- Where is the 20 SoBucks for the Burger Guy???
--- How do I light the candle?



This is the walkthrough for SocioTown: The Uninvited Guests. The game is based off the SocioTown world and characters. SocioTown is a social 3D MMO that can be played in your desktop web browser. You can play it here on your desktop (it requires the latest Shockwave plugin).




The game begins as Toby and Veronica are concluding their date. The date has gone great so far so Toby wants to show Veronica his apartment. Little does he know, a flash party filled with uninvited guests has formed in his absence at his apartment. Now if Toby hopes to have any alone time with Veronica, he must rid his apartment of all these uninvited guests!




Main Characters

-- Toby --

A long time SocioTown resident, Toby is known for being the goto guy when someone has a problem. He's normally a fairly patient guy and will jump through a lot of hoops in order to accomplish a goal. But Toby's patience isn't completely limitless and when tested he possesses a fierce uppercut and can toss people clear out of an entire building!

-- Veronica --

Veronica is the constant object of Toby's desire and she knows it. She can be helpful but Veronica is also the definition of high maintenance. She expects a lot out of Toby and she can quickly lose her patience if it seems Toby isn't making any progress with something. But through all her pushiness, she manages to help Toby do what needs to be done. Some might say any girl that can make a guy clean his apartment is probably good for him!


Notable Uninvited Guests

-- Zack --

Background: Zack is completely wired to every type of social media network and device one could imagine and he's constantly updating his 10 blogs and news streams simultaneously. Unfortunately in actual social situations, Zack could be mistaken for lawn furniture that happens to giggle every now and then. He came to Toby's apartment to report on the flash party, however he never made it two feet past the computer in the living room.
Location: Main Living Room

-- Janice --

Background :Janice is Phil's girlfriend and she truly has a hot temper! With Janice one can always expect the dramatic.
Location: Second Hallway

-- Phil --

Background: Phil is Jance's boyfriend. He's a broken man. When he heard about the impromptu party at Toby's apartment, Phil was hoping he and Janice could have some fun and have one evening without a fight. Judging by what happened to his car keys, they didn't happen.
Location: Main Living Room

-- Edwierd --

Background: Edwierd is well… weird. He has a strange obsession for arachniads and other insects. No one knows why Edwierd is at the party or who invited him. But most party guests figured it was best not to ask him too many questions and to just keep their distance. It remains to be seen if Edwierd is dangerous or just misunderstood.
Location: First Guest Room

-- Stacy --

Background: Stacy is a very shy person. She also startles easily. Stacy was suppose to meet with her boyfriend at the flash party at Toby's apartment, but her boyfriend never showed up. Instead a friend of her boyfriend handed her a letter. Stacy spent most of the party trying to find a quiet corner to read the letter…
Location: Second Guest Room

-- Shaggy --

Background: Shaggy is all about mother nature. He normally spends his time at his house way out in the forest on a secluded lake island. But when he heard Patricia was going to be at the flash party in Toby's apartment, he quickly made the long trek so he could give her a special gift he had been working on for a long while…
Location: First Hallway

-- Nate --

Background: Nate is the ultimate gamer. He's known about Toby's arcade room for a while, so when he heard about the flash party, he jumped at the opportunity to bust some high scores.
Location: Game Room

-- Jake --

Background: Jake is a gadget junkie and always likes playing the very latest tech toys. He's also a very aggressive pool player and often hustles people's phones and gadgets from them.
Location: Game Room

-- Lance --

Background: Lance is basically Jake's tag-along buddy. He can be pretty reasonable at times and doesn't always approve of Jake's antics, yet he never really stands up directly to Jake. It's hard to say if Lance is either too afraid of Jake or just enjoys playing all the gadgets Jake has hustled from other people…
Location: Game Room

-- Theodore --

Background: Theodore is the constant entrepreneur. He's always looking for new business ideas to make money. Unfortunately many of his ideas tend to resemble get rich schemes and aren't always entirely ethical. When Theodore heard about the Flash party, he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out his latest scheme.
Location: Kitchen

-- Gilbert --

Background: Gilbert works as a delivery boy for the local fast food joint in SocioTown, called Burger Despot. Someone at the flash party called in an order of 80 Trans Phat burgers so Gilbert jumped at the chance to collect a tip on such a larger order. But as soon as Gilbert arrived, he was mobbed and all the burgers were taken yet there was no one to pay for them. Now Gilbert has to find someone to pay for all the burgers otherwise it's going to come out of his check!
Location: Kitchen

-- Patricia --

Background: Patricia works at the local fashion store, Trendiiz. She also loves to dance and was one of the first people to hear about the flash party. If there is a party in town there's a good chance she knows about it.
Location: Main Living Room

-- Cindy --

Background: Cindy, the ever hopeless romantic, was told by her friends that the flash party at Toby's apartment was actually going to be a formal ball. The poetic Cindy gleefully put on her best formal gown and arrived eagerly looking to meet her prince charming. However she was mortified to find out no one was in formal attire and it was just a run-of-the-mill grungy house party.
Location: Third Guest Room

-- Walter --

Background: Walter doesn't really get out much. He almost didn't go to the flash party at Toby's apartment until his friend convinced him to go. Walter has always been a little intimidated in large social gatherings. And unfortunately the events at this party may not help matters…
Location: Bathroom

-- Burgerman --

Background: No one knows exactly where Burgerman came from nor does anyone know if he actually possesses super powers or is just a crazy guy in a suit. Either way, the ladies seem to love his chiseled physique despite his burger spandex, so Burgerman is a regular in the party scene.
Location: Master Bedroom

-- Hugo --

Background: The origins of Hugo the Giant are also unknown. He seems to come and go as he pleases and no one can predict when he's going to show up somewhere. So it came as quite a surprise when Hugo suddenly showed up at the flash party. One thing is certain though, Hugo partys hard.
Location: Master Bathroom



-- Main Living Room --

-- Second Hallway --

-- Guest Bedroom 1 --

-- Guest Bedroom 2 --

-- First Hallway --

-- Bathroom --

-- Game Room --

-- Guest Bedroom 3 --

-- Kitchen --

-- Master Bedroom --

-- Master Bathroom --

Puzzle Walkthroughs


In order to get rid of all the guests, you must punch or toss the guests out of Toby's apartment. However some guests will require you to solve certain situations and puzzles before you'll be able to get rid of them.

Below is the recommended order to solve the puzzles to complete the game. However some of the puzzles can be completed in a different order.


-- Puzzle #1 : Zack on Laptop --

Overview: When you first enter the main living room, you'll notice a guy (Zack) sitting at a desk to the left using a laptop. You need to get Zack off the laptop. In order to get Zack off the laptop, you must disconnect the Internet connection by removing the WiFi adaptor. The WiFi adaptor is located on the very back of the laptop. So move Toby right up to the back of the desk and you'll get a "USE" action. This will allow you to disconnect the WiFi adaptor. Once the Internet is disconnected, Zack will stand up in outrage. Now is your chance to punch him out!

Puzzle Unlocks: You receive a Feather Duster, which will allow you to clean many of the objects in the house.


Puzzle #2 - Phil and Janice

Overview: In the main living, you'll see Phil sitting on the blue coach. You can't get rid of him until you find his car keys, which his girlfriend has hidden. His girlfriend is Janice and she's located in the second hallway. So head over to Janice and ask where she's hidden the car keys. She will tell you that she's put the car keys in the fireplace. The fireplace is located in Guest Room #2. So go to the guest bedroom and locate the fireplace. You will not be able to search the fireplace while it's on, so you will need to turn off the fireplace first. Once the fireplace is off, you can now search it. You will then find Phil's car keys. Head back to the main living room and return the car keys to Phil. As you give back the keys to Phil, Janice will show up in disgust. After she's done yelling, you can now toss and punch both of them.

Puzzle Unlocks: Mix CD (search the bench that Janice was sitting in the second hallway).


Puzzle #3 - Get Rid of Edwierd

Overview: In the first Guest Room, you'll find a guy (Edwierd) staring strangely at the spider table. He's a very strange individual, so the only way to get him out of his strange trance is to somehow distract him. Edwierd seems to have an obsession with bugs, so you have need to find an insect. The plant at the end of the first hallway has a spider, but before you can catch the spider, you'll need to find a bug net. The bug net can be found by searching the bug net in the draws in the second guest room. Once you've found the bug net, go back to the plant with the spider and USE the bug net. After you've caught the spider bring that spider to Edwierd. When Edwierd gets the spider he will step away from the spider table and do something strange… Now is your chance to punch him!

Puzzle Unlocks: Cabinet Key (by searching the spider table).


Puzzle #4 - Help Stacy

Overview: In the second Guest Room, you'll see a girl named Stacy who is crying and upset. She put a letter in a cabinet that locked as soon as she closed it. So Stacy needs Toby to find the cabinet key to open the it. But if you already completed Puzzle #3, then you'll already have the key. Use the cabinet key to open the cabinet and then search it to retrieve the letter. Give the letter to Stacy and then you'll be able to toss her out of the apartment.

Puzzle Unlocks: Game Rom Key


Puzzle #5 - Sounds of Shaggy

Overview: In the first hallway, you'll find a buy named Shaggy. Shaggy has a serious Love Jones for Patrice. To express his fondness, he's created a mix CD for her. However the Mix CD has gone missing at the party. The Mix CD is located in the First Hallway on a bench. Once you complete Puzzle #2, you'll be able to search the bench where Janice was sitting. Once you find the Mix CD, return to Shaggy and he'll have you play the Mix CD on the big stereo in the Main Room.

Puzzle Unlocks: Game Rom Key


Puzzle #6 - Pool Table Guys

Overview: In the Game Room, you'll find Jake and Lance playing pool. Jake is a pretty tough aggressive guy, so the best way to get them out of the game room is to find them another distraction. You'll need to grab VR Gear from the Kitchen. The Kitchen is locked, so you'll need to get the kitchen key. The Kitchen key can be found in the bathroom in the cabinet. Use the bathroom key you got in Puzzle #4 to access the bathroom. Once you're able to get into the Kitchen, goto the cabinets and search for the VR Gear. When you have the VR Gear, return to Jake.

Puzzle Unlocks: Can search Pool table (Needed for Puzzle #9)


Puzzle #7 - BlockHeads Retro Challenge

Overview: In the game room, you'll find Nate. Nate is the ultimate gamer. The only way he'll leave the apartment is if you beat his high score in BlockHeads Retro. When you play the BlockHeads Retro game, avoid the steel crates while trying to hit the wood crates with your head. The green power-ups also make your BlockHead's head bigger, which allows you to destroy bigger wooden crates. If struggle at first, just keep trying until you defeat Nate's high score.

Puzzle Unlocks: Guest Room Key


Puzzle #8 - Using Camera

Overview: In the Kitchen, you'll find Theodore. Theodore ever the entrepreneur is always looking for some new business ideas and schemes. Unfortunately Theodore's moral compass doesn't exactly point in the correct direction. He asks you to take an embarrassing picture of someone at the party. Now that you have the bathroom unlocked, you have the perfect embarrassing picture. Walter is having "toilet paper" issues and he's stuck in the bathroom in a compromising position. Use the camera Theodore let you borrow and take a snapshot of Walter's shame. Then return the camera and picture to Theodore.

Puzzle Unlocks: Guest Room Key


Puzzle #9 - Burger Despot Employee

Overview: In the Kitchen, you'll find Gilbert who is an employee from the local fast food place, Burger Despot. He delivered burgers to the party but it looks like no one payed the bill. So the only way to get rid of him is to find money around the apartment. First search the pool table in the game room (you'll need to have completed puzzle #6). Then search all the couches in the Living Room. Make sure to search behind the gray couch… Once you've found 100 SoBucks, give the money to Gilbert to pay the food bill.

Puzzle Unlocks: Access to kitchen sink and refrigerator (needed for Puzzle #10)


Puzzle #10 - High Maintenance

Overview: In the guest bedroom 3, you'll find Cindy. Cindy has had a rough evening at the party. She's locked herself in the guest bedroom wallowing in her own sorrow. In order to get her to leave, you'll need to do a series of tasks. First you'll need to find Cindy some asprin. The asprin can be found in the kitchen cabinet. Cindy will then ask for some water to wash down the asprin. Go to the kitchen and search the refrigerator to get the bottled water. Once you give the bottled water to Cindy, she'll ask you for a candle. You can find a candle on the kitchen dining table. Bring it back to Cindy and she'll be satisfied… almost. Cindy will then ask you to light the candle. To light the candle take the candle to the fireplace in the guest bedroom 1. Use the fireplacee to light the candle and then return to Cindy. She will finally be at peace and you'll be able to toss her out of the room.

Puzzle Unlocks: Receive key to Master Bedroom.


Puzzle #11 - Use Toilet Paper

Overview: In the Half Bath room, you'll need to return to Walter. He's suffered enough humiliation, so it's now time to help him get off of the can. Walter desperately needs toilet paper, so go to the Master Bathroom in the Master Bedroom and look for some extra toilet paper. Once you find the toilet paper, go back to Walter and give it to him. After Walter has had a chance to… "use" the toilet paper, he will show you his appreciation and give you the laxative he was using.

Puzzle Unlocks: Receive Laxative.


Puzzle #12 - Hugo the Giant

Overview: In the Master Bathroom, you'll find Hugo the Giant. Hugo is unpredictable and comes and goes as he pleases. To the astonishment of party goers, Hugo the Giant made a special (and uninvited) appearance. Hugo towers over even the biggest of men, so simply punching him out of the apartment will not work. If you talk to Hugo, he will ask for a drink. Goto the kitchen to get him a Mountain Eww. Put the Mountain Eww onto the table next to Hugo. But to really get Hugo "going", you'll need to mix in the Laxative with the Mountain Eww...

Common Questions


Where is the toilet paper?

The extra toilet paper is in the Master Bathroom. But you must complete the puzzles first that allow you access to the Master Bedroom.


Where is the 20 SoBucks for the Burger Guy???

Make sure you look BEHIND all the couches...


How do I light the candle?

Go to the fireplace in the Guest Room 1. Use the fireplace to light the candle.

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