SocioTown Features

100% Web Based

SocioTown is a 100% web-based 3D Social MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). It’s playable in a browser with no downloadable client required. It utilizes Adobe’s Shockwave Player, which most browsers already have installed.

3D Virtual World

SocioTown is the biggest and most sophisticated browser-based 3D virtual world to date. Players can enjoy a fully immersive and persistent 3D environment such that hasn’t been seen on the web yet. Player data is stored in database servers, so users can play anywhere from home, work, or school without skipping a beat.

Social System

The social system in SocioTown is designed to be intuitive and provide players a way to naturally distinguish between their good friends and random acquaintances. The more time you spend with someone and the longer you chat, your friendship link will become stronger.

Eventually, they may even become a part of your Inner Circle.

Social Network

SocioTown contains the first social network that’s generated purely from real-time chat. This means players simply have to chat normally with their friends and acquaintances, and the dots are automatically connected as their Social Network takes shape. Players can view a graphical representation of their social network at any time.

Players can view up to 3 degrees of separation in their network. Players can also easily pull and drag each connection, so they can examine their network in detail.

Dynamic Chat Bubbles

Rather than being constricted to a text window, SocioTown utilizes dynamic chat bubbles. The dynamic chat bubbles appear and attach themselves to players, so it’s easy to see exactly who’s talking and where.

Own and Customize Apartment Rooms

Players can inhabit any vacant room in the apartments throughout SocioTown. Each room can be furnished with a variety of items, which players can purchase at stores within the town.

Live Music

Instead of simply streaming in existing music files or playing pre-recorded sample blocks, players can actually play accurate representations of real instruments - all live for others to hear.

This gives players an opportunity to create their own compositions for others to hate or love. Love and hate they will, because other players are able to rate the performances. Highly rated performances will eventually earn the player gold and platinum record trophies while poorly rated performances will result in a temporary music ban.

Purchase Apparel

Instead of purchasing items from a menu interface like in most games, in SocioTown players can walk around and inside the area shops and stores. This allows players to either shop solo or shop with a group of friends, making it a social event that it is real life.

Advanced NPC Behavior

Even in some of the biggest retail MMORPGs, NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are reduced to essentially vending machines. The NPCs dispense pertinent information and items, but they don’t do much else. In SocioTown, the NPCs are capable of remembering the player’s name and how the player interacted with them positively or negatively. Also, some NPCs in SocioTown are very friendly while others may have a short temper, so it’s beneficial for the player to recognize the personality quirks of the NPCs.


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