Socio Town Videos

Video #5

Hi-Res Version
SocioTown "Uninvited Guests" - (7 MB)

YouTube Version:

Description: An interesting look at how to handle uninvited guests in your SocioTown apartment room.

Video #4

Hi-Res Version
SocioTown Gameplay Footage #1 - (7 MB)

YouTube Version:

Description: This video shows snippets of various gameplay features in SocioTown.


Video #3

Hi-Res Version
SocioTown Official Trailer 1 - (21 MB)

YouTube Version:

Description: This is the first official trailer of SocioTown. It contains some footage from the previous video clips as well as all new footage.

The trailer shows several aspects of the social system such as the Social Network interface and Inner Circle. The trailer also shows the music mode in action.


Video #2

Shop WalkThru - (15 MB)

Description: This video gives a glimpse of the shops in SocioTown as well as demonstrates how players can change clothes just about anywhere.The video also contains some night-time footage.

As for the shops, they are run by NPCs(Non-Player Characters). Every shop has a NPC store manager and depending on the size of the shop there may be several NPC store clerks. While they are responsible for selling items to players, players can also have conversations with the store clerks about random events and situations in SocioTown. Each store manager and clerk have a distinct personality.

Video #1

Apartment WalkThru - (22 MB)

Description: This is the first video footage of SocioTown. It's basically just a walk-thru in and around one of the apartments. The apartment interiors are actually just place-holders, but the video demostrates how players can move in and out of rooms and buildings. The rooms aren't just floating in virtual space only accessible by a text menu typically found in other web games and chat worlds. In SocioTown, every room occupies a physical and finite space.

This means when players own an apartment in SocioTown, they'll have actual neighbors they can visit just by stepping outside their door. Likewise, they may have to go down the street to another apartment building to visit someone or attend a party.

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